Black Spirit X was born in 1981 in Germany. He’s always been a cheerful, creative and sporting person. As passionate fitness-sportsman, and because of his creative side, his way led him to photography and modeling.

Since 2003 he’s done countless model-, promotion-, and short-movie projects and had worldwide commercial jobs. Due to his open-mindedness and versatility in interests he turns multifaceted ideas into reality with other artists. He never wanted to set on only one style or trend. He’s always been enjoying his creative freedom and acting it out in a authentic way. This includes being in good preparation mentally and physically, as well as choosing an outfit or the location. He tries to be as authentic as possible to embody his roles as best as he can and to avoid too much digital post-processing that could overly alter the uniqueness of the personality.

By the way he discovered his passion for photography and digital image editing, to be able to realize ideas according to his imagination.

He’s a perfectionist and he always tries to do his best to get a unique result.

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